Baba Chamliyal

Bonhomie on border: Baba Chamliyal located on border is a shrine revered in both countries. On fourth Thursday of June, thousands converge here for a mela. There are two shrines, samadhis, one on the Indian side, another in Pakistan. A decorated “chadar’’ is offered at the shrine on the Indian side by Pakistani devotees. The water (called sharbat) of the well is said to have curative properties as also the mud (shakkar) in the fields around. Together, they are said to be capable of curing many skin diseases.

During the fair, Pakistani tractor/s carry away sharbat (water) from the well, next to shrine, and mud (shakkar) from fields around for distribution among Pakistani devotees. Coloured patches on the skin, called chambal in local parlance, get cured reportedly on smearing the body with “shakkar”’ and “sharbat”.

Nearest city: Jammu, 30 km.

How to reach Baba Chamliyal: Travel westwards from Jammu on national highway, up to Vijaypur town, and then turn south for Ramgarh town. Takes about less than an hour and a half for reaching the shrine.

By rail: Vijaypur has a railway station but not very many long distance trains halt here. Jammu railway station is 30 km away further west from Vijaypur.

Airport: Satwari in Jammu is 25 km away.

Watching devotees standing on this side from under the flags of two countries Indian devotees of Baba Chamliyal (Baba Dalip Singh) throng his shrine for the fair Devotees of Baba Chamliyal on Pakistani side, held back by a white rope Devotees from Pakistani side bringing the decorated chadar for offering on shrine on Indian side Samadhi of Baba Chamliyal on Indian side A devotee with shakkar from Baba Chamliyal smeared all over
Watching devotees standing on this side from under the flags of two countries