CPI{M} expresses concern over the plight of Border Inhabitants

Jammu, Oct 13:- A delegation of CPI{M} Regional Committee Jammu led by its Regional Secretary, Sham Prasad Kesar visited various villages located near zero line like Palanwala, Khoud, Gigdyal etc to take stock of the problems of the border inhabitants who stand adversely affected due to firing from across the LOC &

IB as a result of which people have migrated from the area and are living with their relatives. Only few people still residing in these villages {comprising of at least a person from each family} to look after their ripe standing

crops and and livestock.

These villagers complained that no concrete and subsantial relief has been provided either by the Central Govt.or the state government. They pleaded that despite being repeatedly affected due to frequent firing on borders decades together, only hollow asssurances regarding compensation and other relief benefits are made thus

putting the life of border inhabitants vulnerable and exposed to innumberable hardships. They further stated that their [1] standing crops including paddy and [2] to be shown crops are likely to be damaged as the ripe crops can neither be harvested nor can be new crops shown due to firing.

Besides, the education of the border students has also been badly hit. They complained that whenever they are told to vacate their homes, no proper transportation, accommodation and food is provided to the hapless people. Livestock has to left behind resulting into losses due to starvation and thirst.

They demanded:-

  1. Flats at secured locations on the pattern Kashmiri migrents.

  2. Adequate compensation for the damages of property including residential houses, livestock and crops.

  3. Construction of foolproof bunkers on the basis of populations in each village preferably like those constructed in Vietnam during American-Vietnam war.

  4. The border residents be allowed to visit their agriculture land at least for six hours instead of two hours presently so that are able to work on the land adequetly.

CPI[M] delegation including Kishor Kumar, Suresh Chowadry, Master Barita Ram etc. senior leaders assured the residents that the party will take thes issues with the State/Union Govt, for early redressal.