Women voters played a pivotal role in Modi’s historical victory: Priya Sethi

Jammu May 26th : Former Minister,Spokesperson &  Prabhari Mahila Morcha BJP J &K,  Priya Sethi today said that it is the first time that the Female voter turnout which used to be historically low, is roughly the same numbers as men at about 67% in recently concluded lok sabha election 2109 and now a record high 78 of the 542 seats in the lower house of parliament are women candidates.

This win of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created a record too of being the first incumbent PM in 48 years to be voted to power again with a majority.

Priya Sethi said this while celebrating historical win of BJP with Mahilla shakti of Jammu East at Purani Mandi Jammu where hundreds of women folk was dancing and sweets were distributed among all.

The main women leaders who participated included Savita Anand,Indu Bala,Saroj Gupta,Sharda Devi,Neeru Anand,Darshana Sharma,Sonia Arora,Sunita  Didwal,Rubeena Akhter and others

She added that this histrocal win of Modi is because of the Modi worked a lot in five years and one of the reason is seriousness towads the Mahilla shakti and all this has happened as women are feeling safe and secure in Modi Govt.

BJP Mahila Morcha Prabari Jammu and Kashmir Priya Sethi further said that how  unfortunate it is that congress even rulling several decades never focused on women participation as voters or as law makers even India was one of the first countries to have a female Prime Minister  Indra Gandhi that too  before more than five decades but still women’s participation in politics remained low as those ruled the country from independence don’t bothered to look into the issues of women.

There was a myth that women candidates will lose and that proved in correct in this election as there were lot of schemes and policies of Modi govt for women of the country which is one of the reason of greater participation of women in election this time.

The Modi government has framed new schemes and rectified existing ones and  Through the schemes and laws, Govt is moving towards women empowerment day by day which has  created trust in women folk and those who ruled India for 60 to 70 years failed to provide basic things for women’s welfare and were busy making promises only.She added with confidence.

Priya further said that it is for the first time that  the Modi led  government’s flagship schemes  focussed on women of the India and programmes like Swachh Bharat programme, Ujjwala scheme, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), Jan Dhan Yogna etc solved the main issues of women in India.

Not only schems PM Modi’s government was the first government after Independence to have six women Cabinet Ministers with two of them as members of the Cabinet Committee on Security which was not earlier even in  Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet (1984-89) had only one woman (Mohsina Kidwai) as a Cabinet Minister.

While the celebrations are going nonstop from the day of result in Jammu,BJP leader added that We all women are feeling proud and confident that  one of the our great women leader smriti Irani, defeated Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Amethi – which was a bastion of the Gandhi family for decades.

Priya explained that Women are pinning hope that the Narendra Modi led BJP government at the Centre that has done a lot for them in its last term will continue to do its good work particularly for women in its this five-year governance too as Modi after being voted to power in 2014,had said that women are not just homemakers but nation builders which is coming true now.