Delimitation Part 2 Samba compared to Ganderbal

By Sant Kumar Sharma

Let us now compare Samba and Ganderbal districts. Each of them has two constituencies and they are alike in so many ways. When we compare the assembly constituencies of each, voter-wise, we find that both the constituencies in Samba are far bigger. Area-wise also, the constituencies in Samba are far bigger, have less means of communication and spread over far backward areas in terms of development indices.
The regional bias in carving out the assembly constituencies is apparent on comparison of the two districts. This has been done to give lesser assembly constituencies to the Jammu region so that the hegemony of Kashmir in the political sphere can be carried on indefinitely.
1. 69 Vijaypur 108124
2. 68 Samba 82500
Total 190624
Average voter per constituency= 95312
1. 17 Ganderbal 90548
2. 16 Kangan 69526
Total 160074
Average voter per constituency= 80037
We can compare Samba and Ganderbal in another way by comparing the total number of voters in the two districts. Subtracting 190624- 160074= 30550. That means Samba has 30550 voters more than Ganderbal. Of course, it is bigger and more remote, less developed than Ganderbal.