BJP can only deliver justice to Jammu and Ladakh region: Vibodh

Vibodh contests wrong, motivated facts presented by Kashmir-centric parties on delimitation.
Perpetrators of discrimination with Jammu region will not be spared: Vibodh 
Member Legislative Council Vibodh Gupta hit hard at successive Congress governments in the state and the centre for discrimination against Jammu and Ladakh region.
Addressing a public rally in Dalogra, Vibodh said that Congress party whenever remained in government did injustice with the people of Jammu region. He further said that BJP is committed to end the vicious domination of Kashmir centric priorities and schemes establishing fairness, transparency and equality in J&K. MLC asserted that voters of Jammu and Ladakh region have realised that BJP led government can only deliver Justice to them. He said, “Soon a strong and nationalist government will be formed under BJP in the state.”
Vibodh also highlighted various historic decisions conceded by Modi led centre government during Governor’s rule in the state. He lauded the appointment of RK Chhibber as the chairman of J&K Bank and said that for the first time someone from Jammu has been elevated to the top position in J&K bank. He further spoke on raids carried by vigilance and roared that the perpetrators of discrimination with Jammu region will not be spared.
Speaking on delimitation , MLC said that Kashmir centric political parties are trying to confuse people by citing wrong and motivated facts on delimitation as to maintain political discrimination in Jammu and Ladakh. “These parties have denied political empowerment to Jammu through biased distribution of assembly and parliamentary seat in the past but BJP firmly stands to end political, economical and regional discriminations in the state”, he added. MLC further said that fresh delimitation is vital to ensure justice to the nationalist voters of the state and as to accomplish the aspirations of all the regions. He claimed that BJP’s historic victory in three parliamentary seats was ensured by nationalist voters of the state against the appeasement politics of Congress.
Later, MLC also had an interaction with local people who apprised him about the shortage of water and electricity supply in the village. He ensured them that their problems will be resolved at the earliest. Other senior BJP leaders who accompanied MLC were Ranjit Tara,Sarpanch Babu Ram,Ashwani Sharma,Rakesh Raina,Koushal Gupta,Nagesh Kumar,Naib sarpanch Dalogra Romesh Chander,Balvir Kumar, Rakesh Sharma,Nagesh Kumar, Kasturi Lal, Bittu Singh and others.