Shivratri congregation at Kameshwar temple Akhnoor Spirituality leads to emancipation: Rana

AKHNOOR FEBRUARY 23- Underscoring the importance of spirituality or salvation in attaining emancipation, National Conference Provincial President Mr Devender Singh Rana today called for imbibing knowledge and inculcating the spirit of devotion to lead a successful and harmonious life.

“Once human beings know the self, they will love others and let them live with dignity and honour”, Mr Rana said while interacting with devotees from the Jammu region and the neighbouring states like Rajasthan at a religious congregation held at historic and ancient Kameshwar Temple here this afternoon.

The congregation was held at the culmination of the week-long Bhagwat Katha Saptah and Rudra Yagya, organised as part of Mahashivratri festivities at the historic Kameshwar temple.

Mr Rana joined Maha Mandleshwar Mahant Rameshwar Dass ji Maharaj of Purani Mandi, Jammu and Mahant Dr Satyanaryan Dass ji and offered Puran Ahuti at the Mahayagya.

Besides a large number of devotees, leaders and former legislators of various political parties, spiritual and religious leaders and a large number of locals were present in the congregation.

Mr Devender Singh Rana greeted the devotees on Mahashivratri and prayed for peace and universal brotherhood, the cherished ideals of Sanaatan Dharm. 

He said the spirituality helps human beings to unshackle themselves from the myopic prism of self, greed and hatred. It leads humans to the path of love and righteousness, which is essence of all religions. He called for further strengthening the bonds of brotherhood between various segments of society and promoting social justice.

The Mahant presented shawl to Mr Rana and others on the occasion.

In his religious discourse, the Mahant Ji dwelt upon the history of the Kameshwar Mandir in Akhnoor, which is believed to be about 5500 year old and belongs to the era of the Pandavas. This temple is thronged by people especially on the Vishva Karma Day. The “ Pindis” present in there  date back to 5500 years and the records of these Pindis are present even in Shiv Maha Puran.

He gave description of the King Barbareek, grandson of Bhim, who was witness to Mahabharata and participant as well.  

According to a legend, after the Mahabharata when everyone started taking credit for the victory, Lord Krishna suggested to ask Barbareek’s head, as his head had seen the whole battle. When they asked Barbareek’s head as to who was responsible for the victory, the head replied – I saw nothing but God’s Sudarshan chakra spinning in the battlefield. Lord Krishna was impressed by the answer and blessed him that he will be worshipped by everyone so now he is known as God Kamrunaag. 

During the week-long event, Bhajans and Kirtans were performed by the devotees.Later Mr Rana also paid obeisance at Shiv Temple, Panjgrian and Bajalta.