Afghan peace deal?

By Sant Kumar Sharma

Jammu, February 29, 2020:
Let us be clear that it is no peace deal. It is an attempt by America to extricate itself from the mess that prevails in Afghanistan.
South Asia will not become a safer region, leave aside a safe region after the signing of the deal today, February 29.
Peace will be as elusive as February 29! As rare as once in four years’ type of event that this date is.
Those who believe, or make us believe that it is a peace deal, it seems they really have a very macabre, bloody sense of humour. Be sure that LABEL as “peace deal” is deliberately misleading. False.
Neither the Taliban, nor the Americans believe peace will return with this. None at the core of their hearts.
Many in Kashmir, particularly secessionist and separatist elements, may happy that lots of outside support may come their way to undermine the Indian government. Well, if their prayers get answered, we may see as many deaths in Kashmir as we used to see once upon a time after terrorism started three decades ago.
We (India) have no control over dynamics of the situation. We as a nation can continue to provide humanitarian aid to Afghans so long as the lives of Indian citizens are not in line of fire. Be it for running schools, or hospitals.
The moment our people feel unsafe, or are targeted, pulling out of Afghanistan is the thing to do. Immediately.
Let Haqqani network (of Sirajuddin Haqqani) based in Rawalpindi, and controlled by it, battle it out with Afghan army. Let Pakistan provide the money which India provides for different sectors in Afghanistan now. Uzbeks, Tajiks, Hajaras will not easily accept the Haqqani hegemony easily. That much can be said without fear of contradiction, and with conviction.
We don’t need to spill Indian blood there. Internecine ethnic wars are the most likely things to play out. Between and among various ethnic Afghan warlords.
So be it. Keeping our own Indian citizens safe is, and should be a clear priority.