Amar Mahal

The palace is named after Dogra ruler Amar Singh, who ruled Jammu and Kashmir principality founded by Maharaja Gulab Singh, from 1864 to 1909. The beautiful building, located on the right bank of Tawi river, was designed by a French architect. It has been converted into a museum and houses paintings, as also artifacts. Tucked in a corner unobtrusively is a library which houses rare books from the personal collection of Dogra kings. For researchers working on the subject of J&K, it can prove to be a treasure trove. A couple of M F Hussain paintings, from his earlier days, and a unique gallery which houses 10 avatars of Vishnu are special attractions of this place. The spacious lawns all around and beautiful flowers make a trip to the place a must for any visitor to Jammu city.

Amar Mahal picture Modelled on a French villa, Amar Mahal now houses a museum. One can spend a couple of hours here, watching the artefacts, and paintings, some by late M F Hussain. This was perhaps one of the first buildings to have a lift. Another picture of the heritage building.
Amar Mahal picture