Kheer Bhawani

Goddess great: This temple located in Ganderbal district is of a goddess who is considered the presiding deity of Kashmir, Ragnya Devi. Legend has it that she was brought here by monkey god Hanuman. When Shri Rama was fighting Ravana in Lanka. The deity had to be moved away from Lanka to vanquish Ravana. The colour of the spring where the temple is located, changes colours. Light green, lemon yellow, red and black is considered inauspicious. The temple was constructed over 100 years ago in 1912 by Maharaja Pratap Singh. Some work was carried out by Maharaja Hari Singh later.

How to reach: Kheer Bhawani is 30 km away from Srinagar. It takes almost an hour or a little more to reach the temple.

By air: Srinagar airport, 35 km away.
By train: Udhampur, 270 km away.

Kheer Bhawani shrine.  Kheer Bhawani 1    Just outside the sanctum sanctorum at Kheer Bhawani. Kheer Bhawani
Kheer Bhawani shrine.