A serene lake: Nestled in hills, this beautiful lake has a circumference of about 3.5 km. Its circumbulation (or parikarma) is a ritual fairly common among locals. It is a venue where newly-weds of areas nearby come to seek the blessings of Sheshnag, whose abode it is considered. Mundans (tonsuring of hair) of the children is another fairly common practice in villages near and far. Saruinsar, 8 km from Mansar, is considered its twin. The two lakes, were, according to a legend, created the hero of Mahabharat, Arjuna, who shot an arrow at Mansar, making a hole in the ground. The arrow made an exit at Saruinsar, creating another hole (or pit) in the ground. Fish and giant tortoises abound in the lakes considered sacred. Dwigarta (dwi + garta) in Sanskrit, a reference of these two lakes, is also considered the genesis for word Dogras.

Nearest city: Jammu is 50 km away, and the township of Samba is the nearest large settlement.

How to reach: From Jammu, one can travel along the highway eastwards, and take a left turn short of Samba. Alternatively, one can also travel westwards, and reach Mansar via Saruinsar. The second route is arguably far more picturesque.

By rail: Jammu is the commonly used railhead, located 50 km away.

Airport: Satwari in Jammu, 45 km away.

Fish abound in Mansar as fishing is banned here.  A viewpoint or pier in Mansar lake   Another picture capturing the scenic beauty of Mansar
Fish abound in Mansar as fishing is banned here.