Name games

Under .. Name games, we speak about the politics behind a particular name, for a particular place. For example, the official name of an area known earlier as POK is now POJK. Why? Anantnag is nowadays referred to as Islamabad in unofficial communications. The government Press releases still carry the old name, Anantnag. For the Press releases emanating with that dateline. Or a controversy broke out recently on May 18 when Hari Parbat was referred to as Koh e Maran.
Erstwhile Doda is referred to as Chenab Valley though no Valley exists anywhere along the Chenab river in erstwhile Doda.
What is the politics behind this name?
Or take the case of Rajouri and Poonch, two places which are collectively being called as Pir Panjal region.
These things and more are what we talk of in … Name games.

1.POJK ( POK earlier)
2.Anantnag (Islamabad)
3.Hari Parbat ( Koh e Maran)
4.Erstwhile Doda ( Chenab Valley)
5.Poonch-Rajouri ( Our Pir Panchal area)
6.Virbhadra Rudreshwar (Pir Badesar)