Solution to Kashmir problem will finally emerge from Jammu:Gen Hasnain

Lt-Gen (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain on Thursday suggested that the solution to the problem of Jammu and Kashmir will ultimately emerge from Jammu.

 This is for the first time a senior army officer, who is credited for bringing about a sea change in the relationship between the kashmiris and the Indian army, has added this significant dimension to the vexed issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

 Speaking at a maiden seminar 27TH October-A Golden Day -Significance of 27th October for J&K , which was organised by the Jammu Citizen’s Forum Lt-Gen Hasnain said the only place where people understand and know what the reality is, is Jammu.

 The senior army officer who has commanded 15 corps in Kashmir valley maintained militarily no solutions will ever come about.  “Ultimately solutions to my mind are always peoples solution”.

 He said, “to me nothing is more powerful than the people of a region. “I will continue to emphasise on this issue that it is every institution of Jammu and  it is every citizen of Jammu who has to be made to realise that he is the most important citizen in this county today because he understand this problem. He is the stakeholder in this entire issue”.

 ” Peace in Kashmir, peace in the whole of Jammu and Kashmir means a tremendous boost to the people in Jammu itself”. I always talk about the business community of Jammu. How much they can contribute.How much infrastructure they can build and support the people of state”.

 He said it is the people of Jammu who understands socially, politically and most importantly the psychology of people. “If you understand the human mind on the other side of the Pir Panjal it is only you who can experiment on how to bring people together. Otherwise Pakistan will keep disturbing peace in the region and all this will continue and go on like this.

 “Kashmir has been a problem for us and, therefore, I sincerely feel with all my boots on ground experience and different spheres in the state that the solution to the problem of Jammu and Kashmir will emerge from here”.

 He said we have to take a vow, we have to take a commitment to commit ourselves to nation building.

 He said the sacrifices made by the people of bordering states must be recognised.

 Another important speaker Major General(Retd) GD Bakshi could not make it to the event due to some health related issues.

 Addressing the seminar other panellist Prof Rekha Choudhary said Jammu and Kashmir issue has both the external and internal dimension.She said we must deal with the external dimension aggressively. “Pakistan has got no legal right to intervene in our internal affairs and Internally we have to take the political initiatives  by which the state remains a more harmonious state.

 Vice Chancellor of Central University Jammu Prof Ashok Aima  while referring to the statement of  Prof Rekha Choudhary said if according to her statement Sheikh Mohd Abdullah had defended the accession of J&K to India in the United Nations what happened thereafter. why donot we further consolidate on that argument. Thats a huge debate. He said see  the paradox in  Kashmir  valley. At least 300 houses were built in Kashmir during these 100 days of unrest in Dal Lake area.

Maximum  construction has occurred in the valley in the last 25 years.He said they had to outsource even the beggars there as there were no construction workers. Kashmir has recorded highest meat consumption. Today we call Kashmir economy as Dukaan aur makaan economy. There is a huge perceptive failure in addressing to the real root of problem. Central government always thought  by sending truck loads of money they will keep people quite.  He said this is the biggest disservice. He said this is the time when we need to strengthen the instruments of governance with the transparency, with the accountability argument. Ask me as a teacher today 40,000 students are studying outside.

 We need to create a space for the young generation. This is a reality Kashmir is not going to go away from India. Kashmir is integral part of India and if we are not able to leverage on that core strength which has been very well defended by our forces i think we will have to bring convergence between different stakeholders.

 Former President of Bar Association of Jammu and senior lawyer BS Slathia said the biggest mistake was committed  by  Delhi when Shiekh Mohd Abdullah was made third party.

 Maharaja Hari Singh was given raw deal and the people of Kashmir who wanted to  coexist were sidelined and seeds of hatred were sowed by the vested interests for their own benefits.he said the sacrifices made by the people of Jammu were not acknowledged and the history was distroed to suit vested interests.He said it is for this reason today July 13 is celebrated as martyrs day but Accession day is not regarded as state function nor celebrated by the state govt.He said there is an urgent need to empower people of Jammu because they are true nationalists and have not be heard by the successive dispensations at the helm of affairs in the centre.

 Former Chief Secretary SS Bloeria gave a detailed description of various heroic battles fought by the Indian army after it landed in Kashmir valley to repulse the invasion. He acknowledged the valour of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives and motivated the generations.

Earlier in the morning a motor cycle rally was taken out by the members of TEAM JAMMU from Satwari to Balidaan sthambh to celebrate the victory of Indian army. School children of JK Public school,Kunjwani presented a drill and also participated in the wreath laying ceremony.  Children also sung National Anthem after taking a oath in support of Indian army and Nation Building. Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain appreciated the efforts of school children and congratulated them. He highlighted their role in Nation building.

Brig Sukhdev Singh presented the welcome address while vote of Thanks was delivered by President of Chamber of commerce and Industries Rakesh Gupta. Famous Singer Neelam Bhardwaj regailed the audience with melodic rendition of patriotic songs. The seminar was attended by galaxy of prominent citizens of Jammu and senior police,army and state govt officers too.

Later, Mr Raj Daluja,  Chairman JK Educational Trust and Editor in Chief State Times presented a shawl as token of respect from Jammuites to Gen Hasnain.  Gen Hasnain also presented a momento to Zorawar Singh Chairman Team Jammu.

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