JFI extends unflinching support to PM Modi

JAMMU, Nov 21: Terming as revolutionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s November 8 decision to launch surgical strike on black money, Prof Hari Om, Convener of Jammu for India (JFI) today said that the JFI and all the patriotic sections of society in Jammu and Kashmir extend their unflinching support to the Prime Minister.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetize 500 and 1000 currency notes was a revolutionary step. It was the first ever major step taken by any Indian Prime Minister in 70 years that broke the status quo and constituted a major blow to the legacy represented in India by the corrupt political class, the rich, the underworld, the Bollywood, the mafia, undesirable elements in the establishment and those who used the black, fake money, counterfeit money to fund terror outfits, destabilize India, widen the gulf between the rich and the poor,” said Prof Hari Om while addressing press conference here in Jammu at Press Club.

The JFI convener added that the decision of the Prime Minister has broken the backbone of the Maoist terrorists, radical Islamists, Pakistan and terror outfits which used the black money and fake currency to foment communal and anti-India troubles in Kashmir and other parts of the country with a view to pitting one section of society against another and breaking India into smithereens.

Prof Hari Om said the demonetization will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and alleviate the sufferings of more than 75 per cent Indian population. He added that sooner than later the decision will bring down the price line, starve the terror outfits and separatists in Kashmir and elsewhere financially, as they would now get no Hawala money and terror funds, and bring down corruption to a considerable level.

The JFI convener also endorsed Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s view that Prime Minister Narandra Modi’s November 8 “bombshell has attacked the four ‘asuras’ (demons) of black money, corrupt-wealth, terror money and drug money in one go”.

The JFI expressed the hope that the Prime Minister would now take more major steps to end the menace of black money and fake currency.

The Prime Minister needs to launch surgical strike on Benami property, bring back to India the money stashed in foreign banks, unearth the whole India-wide underground empire of narco-Drug traffic and block Hawala money and terror funds.

Meanwhile, the JFI also endorsed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy and place on record its appreciation of the Prime Minister’s speech from the ramparts of Red Fort. The JFI said that it considers his speech as watershed.