Let BJP Leaders not forget Amit Shah’s role in lynching thousands in Gujrat’s anti-Muslim riots ………Er. Rasheed

Srinagar 01 May: Urging Mehbooba Mufti not to waste further time in breaking her ties with the BJP, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate, Er. Rasheed has said that what Amit Shah has said during his visit to J&K should clear all confusions about the intentions of Sang Parivar. In a statement issued today, Er. Rasheed said that Amit Shah has himself negated PDP’s logic of carrying all the regions together by asking cadres to work on assembly segments in Jammu and Ladakh, so that BJP forms next Govt. Er. Rasheed said “By saying so Mr. Amit Shah has shown his true face but needs to be reminded that J&K is a Muslim dominated state and there is no place for politics of communal divided, however people of the state will do everything required to preserve and protect the Muslim dominant identity of the state”. Commenting on reports carried out in Jammu based News papers that BJP leaders during their meet with Amit Shah have stressed to take action against Er. Rasheed, accusing him of funding stone palters, Er. Rasheed termed it nothing but frustration of BJP cadres and desperate attempt to suppress those voices who speak for political resolution to Kashmir dispute. Er. Rasheed said “Before raising fingers towards Huriyat and other pro resistance groups BJP leaders must know credibility of their own leaders including Narinder Modi and Amit Shah. Getting elected to the highest post of the country or becoming BJP’s National President does not exonerate both of them for their crimes against humanity, which they did by butchering thousands of Muslims in Gujrat. BJP leaders should understand that by accusing me of funding stone palters, they cannot stop me from speaking truth. Rather sermonising Kashmiris Amit Shah should have rushed to Asam where so called goons of Gaw Rakshaks have lynched two more Muslims, but Amit Shah will never do that as he is himself commander in chief of Gaw Rakshak brigade and wants every Muslim to be eliminated”. Er. Rasheed asked BJP President Amit Shah not to be under the illusion that any Kashmiri will succumb to pressure tactics of Sang Parivar and sooner or later not only Mehbooba Mufti but those calling Modi their elder brother will be left with no options but to divorce BJP and Sang Parivar.