JK robbed overnight in constitutional coup: PDP`Act by GoI is aggression, murder of democracy’

Jammu: Coming down heavily upon the Union Government for its overnight constitutional coup snatching Jammu and Kashmir of its constitutional rights and murdering democracy, Peoples Democratic Party today said that the entire methodology adopted was a clear act of aggression on the people of this trouble torn state.

“The entire Jammu and Kashmir has been turned into an open prison and people have been caged for allowing the Government of India to steel whatever was left of constitutional guarantees made to them at the time of accession”, party spokesperson and former legislator Firdous Tak said in a statement.

“The situation is similar to that of 1947 when Pakistan invaders entered the state forcing Maharaja Hari Singh to accede to India on his terms and condition. Today we are facing similar aggression, but this time from the country we have over more than half a century believed to be ours”, Tak said adding that with scrapping of the special provision, that too illegally and unconstitutionally, India is no more than an occupational force in the state.

“The people of the state had trusted on the parliament and people of this largest democracy more than any political structure at the time of accession but it was clear now that the accession itself was a mistake. With scrapping of the only provision that connected Jammu and Kashmir with Union of India the BJP has destroyed the bridge itself”, he said adding that act of aggression and backstabbing will have its consequences.

Tak said that entire move was completely arbitrary and autocratic as the BJP did not even bothered to take its own allies and party ministers into confidence. “Just few people received the plan from Nagpur and it was implemented in draconian manner to satisfy the anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmir ego of a fascist and secessionist forces in the country.

“Imprisonment and detention of all the mainstream political leaders including former chief ministers and ministers was like slapping on the face of democracy. The BJP has challenged the very existence of democracy in India and has shown how brazenly it can misuse its powers and mandate to further its political agenda”, he said.

The PDP leader urged the people of the country and international community to come to the rescue of masses, who today face act of aggression and suppression by the right wing organizations, unfortunately ruling this nation.