PM Shekhar, Modi played a key role in empowering JK Gujjars

JAMMU, Apr  19:

Today, on completion of 30 years of  reservation under Scheduled Tribe status granted to Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir by Govt of India, the  community members today stated that on 19th April 1991 we got tribal status and on 19th August 2019 rights have been given to us and both the dates are considered  a turning point in the history of our tribe.

They were speaking in a programme organised by Tribal Research & Cultural Foundation  under the chairmanship of noted tribal Scholar Dr. Javaid Rahi.

In his presentational address Dr. Javaid Rahi stated that  the two Prime Ministers of India viz Sh Chander Shekhar and Sh Narender Modi  have played a key  role in the empowerment of J&K Gujjars Bakarwals’ as one has granted ST status to them 1991 and the other has given tribal rights of them  in 2019 after 29 years of  ST status.

He said, Gujjars, Bakarwals are full of hopes with the introduction of new tribal laws to Jammu and Kashmir which will not only safeguard  their identity but also empowering  them Socially, culturally , politically with a sense of confidence.   

He praised Lt. Governor  Manoj Sinha for his keen interest in the educational upliftment of the Gujjars, Bakarwals. He said govt initiatives for the establishment of Residential schools, providing Tablet Computers with pre-loaded educational content,  to the students living in higher altitudes to fill the educational gap of seasonal migration -are visionary steps.

Speaking on completion of 30years of Reservation under tribal category  the speakers  observed that the Gujjars and Bakerwals are facing tremendous challenges in competitions due to the low literacy.

They said only education can change the future of the tribe will and end all sought of discrimination and injustice being faced by the community due to illiteracy and poverty.

They expressed hope that new laws will change the fate of weaker sections especially, the Gujjars and Bakarwals.

Others who spoke include Zulkarnain, Ishtiaq Misbah, Mohd Shabir, Zaffar Ali , Asif Chowdhary and others.