NC fears Jammu turning Delhi due to unavailability of beds, oxygen

JAMMU MAY 07-Voicing grave concern over alarming surge in COVID cases and deaths in Jammu, National Conference State Secretary and former MLC Mr Rattan Lal Gupta today expressed apprehension that the city might turn like National Capital of Delhi, as is evident by the fact that the patients are struggling and camping for beds in open premises of hospitals.

“The scenario is very bad and corrective measures are needed to be taken on war-footing to increase the beds in the health institutions and maintain a buffer to ensure high flow oxygen to critically ill”, Mr Gupta said in a statement issued from Sher-e-Kashmir Bhavan here.

He said the situation is so painful that nobody is monitoring and counseling the COVID patients in isolation at their homes. In certain cases entire families are infected and the height is that they are being told to send the patient to hospitals for getting requisitioned oxygen cylinders from the nodal agency of Industries and Commerce department. How the authorities even comprehend about patients visiting hospitals for getting slips for oxygen, he wondered.

Mr Rattan Lal Gupta said that keeping in view the very bad management during the second wave of pandemic, one just wonders how the administration will meet the challenge in the fear of a third strain. Therefore, an emergency plan is needed to be drawn and made public to instill confidence among the worried citizens, he suggested.

Mr Gupta lauded frontline workers including doctors, para-medics, lab technicians, health and hygiene workers, police, security forces and those engaged in essential services for doing their best within the given resources. But the failure is there at the part of the administration which has remained complacent and failed in anticipating the situation beforehand, he said, urging the government to take proactive steps in making all the oxygen generation plants functional, procure ventilators and above  increase the bedding strength. The facility to come up with the generosity of the DRDO is too late but too little keeping in the enormity of the virus, he added.